Earth Day

April 22, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Greenleaf Grassy Lot
6724 Greenleaf Ave
Whittier, CA 90601
WUA Office
(562) 696-2662


The Earth Day in Whittier event will allow visitors to learn more about environmental issues and find out what each of us can do to help save a livable planet for our children, grandchildren, and beyond. This year’s event will focus on what cities are doing to “go green” and what we as individuals can do to conserve, reduce, reuse, and recycle in our everyday life.

Featured speakers from around Southern California will share what is being done in by government agencies and corporations as well as how local residents can participate in practical and realistic ways.

Exhibitor booths will offer information on alternative energy sources, recycling, electric and hybrid autos, water conservation, air pollution, responsible development, land use, and other related areas of interest. There will be hands-on activities for kids. Entertainment will be provided by local musicians and dance groups throughout the day. 

Many people say “Oh well, the issue is too big and there is nothing I can do.” But that’s not true, and there is a lot we can do such as conserving water and conserving energy. We can all become more conscious of what we do with our energy, transportation, and how we are living our lives to help sustain this planet a little longer.

Going green involves much more than recycling, although that is a great start. It also means taking steps, whether big or small, to minimize the harm you do to the environment including the carbon footprint you leave behind. Visitors to this event will become more informed and find out how to start taking those steps toward a greener lifestyle.