Preparing for El Nino 2016

Residents of Whittier are urged to prepare for the incoming storms from El Nino

Residents of Whittier are urged to prepare for the incoming storms from El Nino


The following was prepared by the City of Whittier.


To be prepared for the upcoming winter season, the City of Whittier has a list of preventive maintenance suggestions to limit the risk of water damage from heavy rains:

  • Inspect and repair roof coverings, such as missing or cracked shingles and tiles.
  • Inspect and repair flashing of roof, including valley flashing, vents and the chimney (flashing prevents water from entering the building at any gaps or breaks).
  • Inspect and repair any exterior electrical wiring including fixtures, GFCIs, or other electrical devices to ensure they are protected from the elements.
  • Clean roof gutters and down spouts. Inspect and repair any damage.
  • Inspect trees, look for broken or cracked limbs (especially overhanging roofs) and remove them prior to rains.
  • Inspect for root decay and soil erosion around the base of trees.
  • Inspect tree limbs adjacent to or over power lines and contact Southern California Edison if you have concerns.
  • Inspect and repair any chimney cracks.
  • Inspect and replace caulking and weather seals that are loose or damaged around windows, doors, wall vents and other penetrations.
  • Remove objects that may block water from flowing away from the perimeter of buildings such as piles of wood and landscaping debris adjacent to exterior walls.
  • Modify or remove any landings, sidewalks, driveways that are too high or slope towards the building. Drains can be installed in some cases.
  • Clear any lawn, landscaping or wood bark that may cover drain inlets.
  • Clean underground patio drains, yard drains, swales and retaining wall drains.
  • Remove any objects and debris that could be washed into the storm drain inlet. If the inlet becomes blocked, water could back up onto the property.
  • Stock a small quantity of caulking and roof repair patch material for temporary emergency repairs.
  • Prepare for power outages and be sure you have plenty of flashlights and resources available.
  • If you suspect damage could occur, have contact information for plumbers and repair professionals.

Remember, the City’s Building and Safety Division is always available to answer any questions. They can be reached at (562) 567-9320.

The City of Whittier also offers a free sandbag service with proof of residency. Residents may go to the Whittier City Yard at 12016 Hadley Street, Whittier and fill ten sandbags two days before a predicted storm event. If you live in Unincorporated Whittier, you will not be able to obtain any sandbags at the Whittier City Yard.  Unincorporated Whittier residents can pick up sandbags (with sand) at: 

Fire Station #15
11460 Santa Gertrudes Avenue (cross street Leffingwell Avenue)
Whittier, CA 90604

You may consult with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works to get reports of flooding or other public works related updates.  For more information, click on this link: