throw back Whittier

Established in 1887, Uptown Whittier has been a unique business and shopping destination for all to enjoy. Uptown Whittier is filled with many shops, antique stores, restaurants, cafes and a local movie theater. Uptown Whittier is truly a unique place to Live, Shop and Dine!

Uptown Whittier is a commercial and residential community. The boundaries for the uptown area are Hadley Street to the north, Penn Street to the south, Friends Avenue to the east, and Milton Avenue to the west. Uptown Whittier is an eclectic, vibrant, business, entertainment, and constantly changing area. Restaurants, hotels, large and small, thrive in Uptown Whittier, along with a vintage movie theater, professional offices, retail stores, and coffee shops.

The WUA is a nonprofit trade association which promotes Uptown Whittier as a safe, prosperous, accessible, attractive, well-maintained, and environmentally responsible commercial and residential area. It also exists to improve the economic stability and vitality of Uptown Whittier and celebrate and sustain its unique spirit and sense of community. WUA welcomes diversity and advocates the greater benefit of the entire Uptown Whittier community. Any commercial interest within the geographic boundaries can become a member of WUA.

WUA is responsible for organizing Uptown Whittier events including the Annual Christmas Parade, Annual Holiday Sonata, Annual Classic Car Show, and Annual Antiques, Arts & Crafts Faire, and controls the WUA office and Staff. WUA Board Members are made up of local business owners and residents who operate a business and donate their time to improving the Uptown Whittier community.

Our Mission

The mission of the Whittier Uptown Association (WUA) is to encourage tourism to its charming Historic community and promote the interests of its members. The WUA will achieve this by coordinating quality events which incorporate art, music, food, retail, and community.  It will serve to communicate the collective interest of its members, advocate architectural aesthetics, and work in partnership with the city of Whittier in order to foster our core values:

  • Nurture awareness of our diverse commerce in order to attract visitors
  • Serve members and their businesses
  • Promote safety, cleanliness and design integrity to attract visitors
  • Advocate progress and forward thinking within the business district of Uptown Whittier
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