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The Dress

“The Dress” by sculptor Kevin Box is located at Mimo’s walkway.

“The Dress,” is one of two sculptures by Box. Originally inspired by the Nike of Samothrace in the Louvre, the elegant sculpture is also reminiscent of the timeless style of fashion icon Audrey Hepburn – a sleek flow of red oxide highlighted in honey bronze – remember the movie?

“The Dress” stands approximately 5 feet tall on its buff sandstone base. “The Dress” also has a faintly origami feel, as if it were created out of crumpled and folded paper, instead of museum quality bronze.

Box has created several dress sculptures, and this piece is dramatically different from “From the Tree,” the other Uptown sculpture by his hand.

Whether the end result of an artwork bears a resemblance to paper, a delicate leaf or fabric, he is able to capture the fragile nature of their aesthetic in the very un-fragile medium of bronze.

The Dress

From the Tree

“From the Tree” by sculptor Kevin Box is located in the green space west of the Bright Avenue parking structure.

A green leaf on Greenleaf Avenue, a subtle pun for all to enjoy, “From the Tree,” a six-foot by six-foot green patinated leaf highlights this greenspace area, adding color and visual interest to the swath of low-growing grass adjacent to the Multi-Deck.

“From the Tree” depicts a grand, oversized leaf in the shape of a sycamore or maple leaf. While the leaf is large and substantial, it also captures the delicate quality of a leaf blown in by the wind – but on a “super-size” scale. One of two artworks by Box selected for the Galleria Display, “From the Tree” is part of the artist’s collection dedicated to nature, using a grand oversize scale to highlight shape and detail.

The sculpted leaf, made of museum quality bronze, is patinated in green and green-gold tones, like those of leaf fallen from a tree and picked up by a gust of wind. It is mounted on a Dakota sandstone two-piece pedestal, to continue the natural, wind-blown effect.

From The Tree

Red Rascal

“Red Rascal” by sculptor Sandy Scott is located in the galleria north of Vinatero’s Wine Shop.

“Red Rascal,” a representational sculpture by artist Sandy Scott, the small reddish bronze sculpture pays tribute to the foxes in the Whittier Hills. While Scott’s artworks are known for their surfaces reminiscent of 19th European sculptors, she also captures the canny and shrewd nature of this ever astute animal. Scott has also portrayed the fox’s most recognizable trait: its bushy tail, as well as its wary expression as the fox looks over its shoulder as it continues its hunt in this urban setting – A midnight foray into the heart of Uptown.

The museum quality bronze fox in a coppery red shade measures 23” high x 28” wide x 20” deep. It is mounted on a natural-style piece of buff sandstone, and is placed near the greenery at this galleria – a convenient hiding place should the situation warrant.

Red Rascal

Crab Louis

“Crab Louis” by sculptor Wayne Salge is located on the walkway north of the Whittier Villiage Cinema on the eastside of Greenleaf Avenue.

Whimsical, humorous and appealing to children of all ages, “Crab Louis” by artist Wayne Salge is placed at child’s-eye level in the galleria by the Whittier Village Cinema.

The robotically-styled crab calls to mind the magical world of play and movies as the shy little creature peers through his claws, looking to make some new friends – which he will undoubtedly find the moment a child sees him.

The delightful, science-fiction styled “Crab Louis” is cast in museum quality bronze, patinated in a subtle blue-grey tone, which adds to the other-worldly effect. Measuring 26” high x 18” wide x 18” deep, this sculpture is mounted on a large piece of buff sandstone, giving the appearance of a happy crab surveying his tidepool, and awaiting visitors to come admire him.

Salge’s unique abstract style utilizes lines, shapes and textures to reveal body movement, gesture and stillness. The result is magical as well as whimsical.

Crab Lous