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Certified Farmers’ Market

Uptown Farmers Market will be open until further notice
at its normal location at Bright Ave and Philadelphia St from 8am to 12:45pm

Friday Certified Farmers’ Market

WHEN: Every Friday 8am-12:45pm
WHERE: 13018 Philadelphia St.
(Corner of Philadelphia and Bright Ave)

For further questions, contact us at olivia@whittieruptown.org.

Parking Information

Numerous measures have been added for the safety and health concerns of our community. These controls and procedures were implemented so that you can enjoy your shopping experience. This include:
  • 15 essential vendors only
  • vendor booths are at least 6-8' apart from one another
  • markings on the sidewalk, 6' apart for mandatory social distancing
  • handwashing stations at the entrance of the market
  • only 1 entrance and exit (on different sides of the market)
  • 4 additional volunteers: 1 at the entrance; 1 at the exit; 2 on sidewalk to assist with social distancing.
Volunteers will be wearing a yellow safety vest so you can easily identify them. The volunteer at the entrance of the market area will ask you to wash your hands at the wash station and put on gloves before you begin shopping.
All we ask shoppers to:
  • wear a face cover or mask and gloves
  • preferably bring your own shopping totes (optional but not mandatory).
  • no more than a group of 2 will be allowed to enter together
  • organize your shopping list
  • purchase what you need
  • remain at least 6' away from the next shopper.
Atkins Citrus (Citrus & Avocados)
Achadinha Cheese Farms (Cheese)
Alex's Dry Fruits & Nuts (Mixed Nuts/Dried Fruits)
Aris Natural Food (Hummus)
Berumen Farms (Mixed Vegetables/Fruits)
C&L Farms (Mixed Vegetables/Fruits)
Dry Dock (Seafood)
Harris Farm (Honey)
Mause Calif Poultry (Eggs/Fresh Chicken)
Old Town (Breads & Cookies)
Parmigiano Regiano (Cheese Spreads)
Sarah's So-Cal Garden (Herbs & Micro-Greens)
T.R. Cairns Farms (Citrus, Applies, Walnuts)
Torres Gardens (Herbs/Seeded Plants)
Zen's Tea (Prepackaged Tea)
We look forward to seeing you Friday. If you have questions, please send me an email at olivia@whittieruptown.org.
Stay safe and be healthy. #WhittierStrong